We embody the true intent of Social Equity.  We are cannabis warriors, local, immigrant, female, minority-owned enterprise that is committed to empowering the community.

Equality vs Equity

To be clear, “equity” and “equality” are terms that are often used interchangeably, and to a large extent, they have similar meanings.  

The difference is one of nuance: while equality can be converted into a mathematical measure in which equal parts are identical in size or number, equity is a more flexible measure allowing for equivalency while not demanding sameness.

Don’t get them confused.

What is Social Equity?


California social equity programs propose to address the disproportionate impact of cannabis-
related law enforcement and the war on drugs on disadvantaged communities and to increase
participation in the legal cannabis industry by members of these disadvantaged communities.

Equity Applicants generally include individuals who meet certain criteria intended to reflect
their membership in a disadvantaged community such as a household income below average
median income, a prior arrest or conviction for cannabis-related activity, and residency
requirements in the relevant local government.

The Fresno OG’s Social Equity Goals…


We have considerable experience with the Los Angeles and San Francisco social equity programs. Despite the city’s best intentions, we see many problems and unintended future consequences with this city’s program and from this experience, have learned what not to do in Fresno. We have also seen other cannabis companies make long statements on how they support social equity, but most are filled more with jargon rather than with any discernible
material action.

We believe our plan of execution can be a model that can be followed by the industry, because it goes to the heart of social equity’s intent – to advantage the surrounding community that will support our business. We intend to be a good neighbor and an indispensable part of the local
business community.

We embark on this course of action from a real-world perspective. We are not a large and wealthy company. We are an entrepreneurial organization built by real people that have worked hard all of their lives, saved a little money and now wish to build a business that can make both a profit and a difference in the local community.

Our industry is saddled with the public misconception that every cannabis entrepreneur makes millions of dollars, and every location makes more money than an Apple Store. Reality is quite the contrary. Our dispensary will be a small retail storefront – approximately 2000 square feet about the size of a small deli or mailbox store. It is located in Central Fresno, a neighborhood that is old, poor and crime ridden. Many of our neighbors are homeless people. This is not an area that people browse around or where they sip latte’s in outdoor cafes: it will take a community effort to bring customers to our store. And right from the beginning, we will be among the highest taxed business entities in the entire state.

The bottom line is — many positive forces must come together to bring our small business to a reality. The only way that will happen is with the support of the local community.  Our neighbors are our lifeline, and we will treat them like family.

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